Card game "Baccarat": types, basic rules, history and strategies

The card game " Baccarat " is a popular gambling entertainment that preferred by millions of players. Its main advantage is simple and straightforward rules that do not require any significant strategies. Even a beginner can easily enter the course and master the basic nuances of "Baccarat". The game is somewhat reminiscent of roulette. Its main essence is as follows: after the player makes a certain bet, the cards are dealt. The resulting set of cards decides the outcome of the gameplay. Drawings of cards and an increase in the initial bet are not provided for in Baccarat.

What is the advantage of gambling entertainment

Baccarat is an excellent solution for non-professional players and amateurs. The probability of winning is quite high. Without much risk, a gambling participant has an excellent chance to receive a decent amount of money in a short period of time. Unlike slot machines, which in case of failure reduce the deposit to zero, in Baccarat the player's bank is reduced by the amount of the bet.

Benefits of the casino in the game "Baccarat"

In the game "Baccarat" there are several bets: "Player", "Banker", Tie or "Draw between the Banker and the Player". Each casino bet has its own benefit. Thus, the bet on the "Player" gives the casino an advantage of 1.24%, the bet on the "Banker" - 1.06%, the bet on Tie - 14.4%.

Bet on the "Banker" is considered profitable for the player. It includes the smallest house edge even with a 5% commission, which is explained by the Banker's higher odds of winning.

The game "Baccarat" and its types

The game "Baccarat" has many varieties. The most widespread and demanded in the gambling world are "American baccarat", "Minibaccarat", "Iron", "Punto Banco", "Macau" and "Nine". They differ from each other in the following features:

  • rules for the purchase and distribution of cards;
  • the number of decks used in the game;
  • by the amount and range of rates;
  • the number of participants in the game;
  • payouts of winnings;
  • by dealer value;
  • the rule of thirds card.

The location and size of the bank are determined depending on the specific type of game. It can be in the hands of one of the participants, the dealer, or it can be transferred from player to player. Its value is determined by the casino or formed by the rates of the participants in the game.

The goal of the game "Baccarat", regardless of its type, is the same: the participant in the process needs to score nine or a number of points close to this number in a combination of cards. In this case, the win is guaranteed.

Game Rules

The rules of the game "Baccarat" are simple and straightforward, to make sure of this, you need to go to online casino and for free or at money to experience gambling on your own. The participant of the game process is given the opportunity to place a bet on one of the proposed ones - "Banker", "Player" and "Draw". His main task is to guess which of the bets will play (who will win - "Banker" or "Player"). After choosing a specific option, cards will be dealt that will determine the final outcome.

The process of gambling entertainment

The dealer gives the Banker and the Player two or three cards in turn. The winner is the player who gets the most points. If the "Player" and "Banker" have scored the same number of points, then a draw is declared by the dealer. In such cases, bets placed on Tie will win.


Points in the game "Baccarat" are calculated as follows: an ace is equal to one point, cards from two to nine increase the number of points by their denomination, tens, jacks, queens and kings do not change the outcome of the game. If the total number of points exceeds 10, then only the last digit of the resulting addition is taken into account when determining the outcome of the game.

How payments are made

Payments in the game are quite simple. Bets on the victory of the "Player" and "Banker" guarantee a payout in the amount of 1: 1 minus a 5% commission to the casino fund from the result obtained. A Tie bet pays out 8: 1.

Three-card game features

You can play "Baccarat" not only for two, but also for three cards. The dealer deals the “Banker” and the “Player” with the third card in the event that one of the parties scored 8 or 9 points when dealing the first two cards. According to the rules, the "Player" is also put on the third card if the total value of the first two cards does not exceed the sum of 5.

"Banker" can receive a third card only in certain cases. The residual decision in the game is influenced by the denomination of the third "Player" card and the number of points of the first two "Banker" cards.

Game Strategies

The Baccarat card game does not have a specific winning strategy, since the participant's influence on the course of the game is minimal. Despite this, there are a lot of chances to win a decent reward while enjoying your favorite gambling entertainment.

To protect yourself from a fatal loss and play with confidence in your success, you must, of course, have certain strategies in stock. They will allow you to reduce the share of risk and increase the chances of winning several times.

A number of well-known strategic approaches have been developed for Baccarat, which have been successfully applied over the years:

- Martingale system (the most famous and simple strategy, according to which the first bet should be placed on the "Banker". In case of loss, the next bet must be doubled, and so on until the first win. After winning, the bets should be gradually reduced There is an option that until this scheme starts working, the maximum bet limit will have already been reached, under such conditions the player remains in the red. In case of luck, this strategy makes it possible to win a decent amount);

- d'Alembert strategy (a less justified system, the essence of which is as follows: if you win, the next bet decreases by one from the previous one, if you lose, it increases by one);
- Contra De Lambert's strategy (implies an increase in rates with a succession of wins);

- Fibonacci strategy (a system based on caution, it is considered the best option for players with medium stakes, it prevents small losses).

The listed strategies for playing Baccarat have one big drawback - they do not guarantee a 100% win. Therefore, if you decide to play Baccarat for real money, place your bets using a common sense strategy. It implies bets on "Banker" and does not accept bets on Tie. If the bet is played, the winnings should be collected.

History of gambling entertainment

Baccarat is a popular card game with an extraordinary history. Its origin contains many mysteries and secrets. The birthplace of entertainment has not been established until today. Many European countries consider it their property, but, be that as it may, it is impossible to say exactly where and how "Baccarat" appeared. This card game has been around for many years. Several centuries ago, it was extremely popular in Spain.

The Spaniards spent a lot of time playing Punto Banko, calling it a gambling entertainment for the lucky and lucky ones. Later "Baccarat" under the name "Chemin de fer" won the hearts of the French. It was played for money in all establishments in France. In other countries, "Baccarat" was presented under the names "Nine" and "Macau".

Italian Felix Falguere is considered the author of the card game. It was he who came up with the basic rules of this entertainment, starting from the old Etruscan ritual of worshiping the nine gods: as the story goes, the Etruscans determined the future fate of the virgin, throwing a nine-sided bone. If an eight or nine fell out, then the girl was nominated as a priestess, if a six or seven fell out - the girl could not take part in various religious rites, if a number from two to six fell out - the girl was sentenced to death by drowning.

This story aroused an extraordinary interest in the card game among noble people and representatives of the aristocracy. They plunged headlong into entertainment, and used Tarot cards as playing cards.

Baccarat was very popular in the Middle Ages in Europe as well. In America, they learned about the game only at the beginning of the twentieth century. At first, the Americans did not have much interest in gambling, because in those days they had a special account of poker and blackjack. In the 1950s, the Americans simplified the rules of Baccarat, resulting in a mini-version of the game that quickly gained worldwide popularity.

Baccarat is an excellent solution for non-professional amateur gamblers who are not looking for difficult ways to beat the casino.