Basic Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack differs from many other casino games, such as slots, where the winnings do not depend on the player's actions, in that the player needs to have certain skills and make quick decisions during the game. The result of the game depends, to a large extent, not on luck, but on the strategy followed by the blackjack player. If you play blackjack correctly, you can significantly increase the chances of winning, bringing the expected loss to 0.5%.

Reducing your chances of losing is simple - stick to the basic blackjack strategy . For a long time, all the moves that must be made with each layout of the cards have been calculated. For more convenient use of the strategy, all calculations are displayed in the table:

Basic Strategy blackjack

A - ace, 1 or 11 points.
H - Hit - still draw a card.
D - Double - double the bet, if it is impossible to double, draw another card.
S - Stand - pass.
Ds - Double - double the bet, if it is impossible to double, fold.
H / P - Split - split cards, if there is a possibility to double after splitting, otherwise - take a card.
P - Split - split cards.
H / R - Surrender - surrender, if allowed, no - take a card.

In principle, the basic strategy of playing blackjack is not difficult, you just need to look at each move how many cards the dealer has and how many cards you have, and look for the corresponding values ​​in the table; at the intersection of these values, there will be the decision that you must make, i.e. take another card or say enough. Now you can practice, you can do it at the casino William Hill for free, and when you feel that everything is good sorted it out and it takes a split second to make decisions, you can start playing backjack for real money.