Casino Bonuses

Bonuses For many gamblers, one of the attractive points in an Internet casino is the availability of bonuses. What are online casino bonuses? Bonuses are money that a casino player gives for free. By pursuing a bonus policy, online casinos attract new players. It is more pleasant for any player to be in those casinos where they give all kinds of gifts and delight with interesting prizes.

Each online casino has its own bonus policy. Let's consider the main types of casino bonuses:

No deposit bonuses are bonuses that a player can receive when providing any assistance to the casino, and it is not necessary to deposit money into the account. To get such a bonus, you just need to invite a friend to the casino.

First deposit (fixed and interest) - these are bonuses issued for the first deposit made. The amount directly depends on the amount deposited into the account and ranges from 100 to 300% of the deposit.

Bet Bonus is a bonus that a player can get simply by placing bets in a casino. Thus, the more the player plays, the more bonus money will be credited to him.

The condition for receiving bonuses requires the player to place bets for a certain amount. This amount is called a wager (wager) or as they call it on the forums - a wager. Those. in order to receive money, the player will have to fulfill certain conditions set by the casino itself. The conditions are that it will be necessary to wager the issued bonus. That is, to make a certain number of bets for the amount of the bonus, how many bets are to be made, you can find out on the casino website or technical support. Let's take an example: the casino gave the player $ 100 of bonus money, this casino has a wager of 10, in order to wager the bonus, the player needs to place bets in the amount of $ 1000 ($ 100 * 10). So, before receiving a bonus at an online casino, a player should familiarize himself with the conditions for receiving it.

GOLD and VIP statuses are also very popular, which are given to players for their activity and to those players who play for high stakes. Big players are called high rollers. The casino treats high rollers well and offers VIP bonuses. Such bonuses are issued, for example, for the largest deposit of the month. Also, players receive various privileges and benefits from the casino. Also, such players can participate in closed tournaments and promotions.

The best advertisement for any online casinos , other than big wins, are bonuses. Usually, players are invited to receive several bonuses at once, making deposits in turn. Such packages are usually called welcome bonuses. Let's take a look at one of these packages.

Take, for example, the Lotus Casino - a fictional casino, but with a real bonus package taken from another online casino. So, what do they offer you here? At first you can get a one hundred percent bonus up to one hundred euros. This means that having deposited one hundred euros, you can already play for two hundred! Plus, get free spins in the bargain! No, well, not life, but a fairy tale straight! Once you're ready, you can claim a second bonus as well. Here we are already talking about fifty percent, but also up to one hundred euros. Accordingly, now you will have to "deprive" already two hundred euros to get a hundred square meters. Yes, not as tasty as at the very beginning, but still cool. The conditions of the third and fourth bonuses are practically the same, except that free spins will be credited for other slots.

However, you should not be naive and think that the casino is just so ready to give you their money. In most cases, you will have to complete the wager (or, in simple terms, wager) so that you can withdraw the bonus. The number of wagers can vary from casino to casino, but numbers like, say, fifty or forty next to the word “wager” are not uncommon today. What does it mean? This means that you will need to multiply your deposit by the appropriate number (in our case, forty, since the wager in Lotus is forty) and place bets on the result. Accordingly, let's say you have deposited € 30. We multiply thirty by forty and we get the amount of bets you will need to place.

You will have to wager, as a rule, in slots, since the outcome of the game in them in no way depends on the skill of the player. Also note that many slots, including jackpot slots, do not fit the wagering requirements. Another important point to consider: in many online casinos it is forbidden to postpone game rounds like free spins until the moment when you no longer need to launder your bonus. This is considered a scam and is usually punishable by up to and including blocking your account. Also, I do not advise you to delay the execution of the wager, since not only the bonus, but also the winnings will be lost after the expiration of the promotion. As a rule, such promotions last about a month, but again everything is individual and depends on the particular casino.

But, despite all these nuances, I personally consider bonuses to be a great help for all new players, because thanks to bonuses, we can afford more free spins and, accordingly, we are more likely to win. In the worst case, you will simply lose money to the casino, which no one will withdraw from you. So why not give it a try?