Slot machines

Slot machines
Slot machines - this is one of the most accessible and simple options for gambling, they are called slots ... Slots games are about spinning the reels to collect a winning combination. The combinations of symbols or images differ in the amount of the winnings, i.e. the better the combination of symbols located on the reels, the more the player will receive a win. The advantage of slot machines over other gambling games is that the winnings can be up to 100 or 1000 times the initial bet.
 First slot machine - Liberty Bell
The first slot machine appeared in the 80s of the IXX century, when an American Charles Fey (1862-1944) made a slot machine that was mechanical and was called "Liberty Bell". This slot machine had three reels with ten symbols each: tambourines, hearts, spades, bells and horseshoes. In order to play Liberty Bell, you had to insert 5 cents and pull the lever, after which the drums began to spin. After the reels stopped and a winning combination fell out, the player received money, while the maximum winning could be ten coins, and the winning percentage was 75%.

In America, where gambling was prohibited, slot machines were combined with slot machines selling gum and sweets. After all, the name "slots" came from the English word slot - a slot where coins were thrown. In such machines, the winnings were paid in candies with different fruit flavors - cherries, lemons, etc. That's where the fruit theme in slot machines comes from.

At the beginning of the 20th century, slot machines took over drinking houses in the states and appeared in casino gambling halls. An interesting fact is that initially slots were installed in casinos for companions of players who would while away the time at slot machines, waiting for their men. And by the 80th year of the XX century, slot machines began to bring the casino half of its income.

In 1964, "Money Honey" appears - the first slot with electromechanics, released by Bally Manufacturing , by the way, one of the leaders in the production of slots. 1975 saw the release of the first video slot "Fortune Coin" , created by Walt Frale . But this slot was not popular among the players due to distrust and fear of cheating a slot machine with a TV screen. And only in the late 70s, after the appearance of video poker , the situation with slot machines changed for the better.

Let's take a look at the rules of the slot machine:

  • First, you need to decide on the rates, i.e. indicate the amount of the bet.
  • Throw the required number of coins into the slot.
  • Click on the "Spin" button to start the reels.

After the reels stop, you need to look at the winning line and determine whether the desired combination has fallen, which can be determined by the special table at the top of the machine.

Modern slot machines, in principle, differ little from those mechanical machines. They can include three reels and one line, or five reels and 100 lines. A distinctive feature of video slots is the presence of a bonus game, free spins and many other nice things.

Today, slot machines are present in every online casino. Online slot machines provide an opportunity to fully experience the excitement. They do not require special knowledge and skills to win, for this it is enough to click the mouse several times. At the same time, on slots, winnings reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, and with a progressive jackpot it can be calculated in the amount of six zeros.

1964 has become a significant date in the long history of slot machines. This year electronic microprocessors were introduced into automatic machines. And after eleven years, video slots were introduced to gamblers. At first, they were treated with distrust due to the lack of the reels themselves, but later all fears went away, and video slots became an integral part of online casinos , due to their simplicity and ease of learning.

Pros of online slot machines:

  • Huge selection of machines.
  • When replenishing the account with real money, the casino gives bonuses.
  • You can play slots for free in the online casino.
  • The winning percentage ranges from 96% to 99%.
  • 24/7 technical support.

This list is far from complete, but the most important features are reflected in it. For example, it was noted that the choice of slot machines is huge and this is actually so, because the number of slots with rng in online casinos reaches up to 500 for every taste and color, and most of the slot machines can be played for free, with or without registration.

Every year video slots in casinos only improve and become more diverse. Some modern slots use themes from films and computer games, such as Hitman, Tomb Raider, Hulk, etc. You can also find video slots with Easter and Christmas themes. It should be noted that there are generous bonuses when playing slot machines: they can be obtained when a certain combination falls out, for example, 3 shells, etc. When such combinations fall out, the player will be offered free rounds or a big win, depending on the game.

Online casinos differ from each other in the way they play. In some casinos, you will need to download the client, while others provide an opportunity to play the flash version of the casino; some casinos allow you to play slot machines for free without registration, while others require you to register before playing.

The type of video slots, popular in many countries, requires a separate discussion - video poker , which combines the features of slot machines and poker itself. Here the player needs to collect a combination of cards, not symbols.

Many people use slot machines for entertainment, they have been developing for more than a century and do not stop attracting more and more new players, while modern slot machines will satisfy the most demanding player.