Roulette strategy - 10 numbers

The 10 number strategy The 10 number strategy is quite interesting and can help the player stay in the game longer, but it will require a large initial investment. With this system, there is almost complete coverage of the gaming table in 92%, i.e. the player is more likely to win.

First, you need to have a deposit of 30 chips - this is the required minimum, but 90 or more is better. A total of 30 chips will take part in one game. The player must bet ten chips on two dozen, and he can choose them himself, the remaining ten chips are scattered in numbers on the third dozen. Thus, three numbers remain not closed - these are two numbers from the third dozen and zero, or only three numbers from the third dozen. The player himself decides which numbers to close, he also decides to close the zero or not. Moreover, the order can be changed during the game, the most important thing is that 30 chips participate in the game and 3 numbers are not closed.

For understanding, here is one of the possible combinations. We bet 10 on the first dozen and 10 on the second, as well as on the third dozen numbers 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 35. In this situation, the profit will be 6 chips when one closed number falls out of the third dozen, and loss will be in case of zero, 34 or 36. In other cases, there will be zero profit.

The strategy of playing roulette 10 numbers reduces the player's loss percentage to 8%, but it will require a large starting capital and a lot of time in order to gain more or less good profit. The undoubted advantage of this system is that it is very flexible and the player can modify and change it to suit his own developments.