Strategy "24 numbers"

24 numbers system Twenty-four numbers roulette strategy is based on the fact that the player must bet on two dozen. It will be either the first and second, or the second and third, in this case the coverage percentage in European roulette will be equal to 65. There are three approaches to playing this strategy:


With this method of playing, you must start with four units and with each loss, double them to 24 (4 - 8 - 16 - 24), when the player reaches 24 units, he starts all over again. The bet is placed on the first and second dozen if numbers from one to eighteen fall out; on the second and third, if numbers from 19 to 36 come up. If the player wins, then you should double the bet and put on the same dozen, and then start over whether the bet lost or not.


This method is similar to the first one, only bets are placed not on dozens, but on small / large and on sik-line. If 1-18 is dropped, you need to bet on low, and here the progression will look like this: 3-6-12-18, and put on the 19-24 line with a 1-2-4-6 progression. When numbers 19-36 are dropped, the player must bet on the big 19-36 and on the 13-18 line with the same progressions.


This method is exactly the same as the first, only if you win, the bet is not doubled, but the previous bet + win is placed, i.e. if with a bet of 4 units the winning is 8, then the next bet will be 12 (4 + 8).

The "24 numbers" strategy is quite simple and does not require any complicated calculations, but due to the use of progressions it requires a large deposit.