Roulette 3/2 Strategy

3/2 Roulette Strategy The 3v2 strategy is quite popular among roulette players, it has a large table coverage of 70%, which can bring frequent wins. But you shouldn't count on getting rich quick. the disadvantage of this system is small wins.

The player will have to bet on red and on the second column. Those who are already familiar with the casino most likely know that the second column contains the smallest amount of red numbers. So, you need to put 3 chips on red, and 2 on the second column, hence the name 3 by 2. Thus, when the red comes out, the winning will be equal to three chips, and if the number from the second column is dropped, the winning will be four chips. If a red number falls out of the second column, the winning will be seven chips.

When using the 3/2 strategy, you do not need to increase anything and therefore you will not be able to quickly spend the deposit, which favorably distinguishes this system from the same Martingale. But the profit on winning one of the two bets will be only one chip, which, of course, is very small.