AMS system

AMS System The essence of the AMS roulette game is to use progressions like Martingale . The progression is as follows: 1 - 1 - 2 - 2 - 4, it compares favorably with the progressions of other systems in that it does not allow the player to lose most of the deposit due to the endless increase in rates.

Let's consider the algorithm of the player's actions. When winning, the player needs to increase the next bet according to the specified progression, i.e. the bet won, we bet tighter, we won again, we put two bets, if she won, then again two and so on until four, we continue to bet 4 until the bet burns out. In the event that at some stage the bet does not work, then we return to the point below, i.e. if you are unlucky at the stage with four bets, then go to two bets and so on ... In general, like on a ladder - first we went up, then we go down the progression.

Now let's consider the case when there are only losses. In this case, you must also follow the progression one - one - two - two - four. But here, upon reaching four, you must again return to the rate of one unit. But, if at some stage there is a win, then you should go down the progression.

The AMS game system may seem confusing at first glance, but after a few workouts everything will fall into place. It should also be noted that many are advised to start playing this system with at least 30 units of game currency. Bets should be placed on equal chances, i.e. black and red, small and large.