Belle's Repeating Number

Belle's Repeating Number Belle's Repeating Number roulette strategy is very simple. According to the rules of this strategy, the player will have to bet on the numbers that will appear twice. That is, to determine the numbers on which you want to bet, you will need to spin the roulette wheel several times without making bets. Those numbers that will fall out twice on them and must be bet.

It should also be taken into account that the player's deposit must be at least 50 units, and if the player loses 50 chips, he will have to stop. After winning, you will need to look for new numbers, i.e. start over.

When playing roulette using the Belle's Repeating Number system, you need to make free spins, so you need to choose a casino where this is allowed. Such a casino can be called TitanCasino, which is created on the Playtech platform and here you can scroll through the idle roulette wheel to find the desired number.