Bonus Roulette Strategy

Bonus Roulette Strategy Bonus Roulette Strategy refers to simple strategies such as Belle's Repeating Number . Here the player will not have to carry out any mathematical calculations or observe the falling numbers for a long time. It's very simple, the player only needs to bet on numbers.

Now let's take a closer look. The player must have 171 chips available, i.e. the deposit should be enough for that number of bets. Next, you need to decide on which numbers the bets will be made. There are several ways to choose numbers: from those that fall out most often, or, conversely, in the previous session, they rarely fell out, as well as just the numbers you like. We decided on the numbers, now with the rates. We start the game session with a bet on one number, if we lost, then we bet on the same plus the second number, we lost again, we bet on the same two plus the third number, and so on until 18. Thus, the game ends when the player has bet 18 numbers at the same time, or after winning.

Let's look at an example. We'll start with a simple one, with the first number, bet on the number 1, lose, bet on 1 and 2, lose, bet on 1, 2 and 3. In general, until we reach 18 or win. If we win, we'll start over.

This is, in principle, the whole roulette system called Bonus Roulette. Now the main thing is to choose a reliable and proven casino to test the strategy in action.