Card calculation

Counting cards Everyone wants to get an advantage over the casino and for this purpose, various game strategies are being developed that do not always help. One of the most successful blackjack strategy is card counting. Of course, everyone has heard of card counting in the card game, but few know how it works.

To play blackjack confidently, you need to know when the deck will be profitable (hot), i.e. a deck of cards contains most cards with a denomination of ten or higher. To do this, it is not at all necessary to understand complex mathematical formulas, it is enough to be able to add and subtract numbers.

In order to pull the advantage over to your side, you need to catch the moment when there are a lot of big cards in the deck and start placing bigger bets. So how do you count the cards? First, remember that cards from two to six count as +1. Seven to nine should be disregarded. Cards with a face value of ten and higher will be counted as minus one. Thus, when the dealer deals 2-6 cards, we add 1, and when 10 and higher, we subtract 1, with the rest of the cards we do nothing.

This card counting requires speed, so before heading to the casino, practice on a regular deck, and there should be no jokers in it. Start from scratch and gradually add and subtract, depending on the face value of the card. As a result, when you go through the whole deck, you should get the number zero. If you get some other number, then somewhere you made a mistake.

Another important factor is the number of decks, because blackjack is not always played with one deck, so to get a real score, you need to divide the resulting number by the number of decks remaining. Your score is 10, and there are 5 decks left, so we divide 10 by 5 and get real 2 points.

Those numbers that will be obtained during the account give a signal to raise or lower the rate. With negative values, you need to reduce the rate or skip the move altogether, and with positive values, increase. This is, in principle, the whole strategy of counting cards in blackjack. Now using this strategy with basic , you can greatly increase your chances of winning.