Three Card Poker Rules

Three Card Poker Three Card Poker is a card game reminiscent of Caribbean Poker . This type of poker was invented by Derek Webb, the owner of the casino, in 1994. Three card poker goes against the casino and is not always found in poker rooms, but can be found in most casinos. Three Card Poker combines two games because the player can place two types of bets. The results of two types of games are determined by the dealt of three cards.

Ante and Play

To start playing Three-Card Poker, you need to make an ante bet. After that, three cards will be dealt and the player must decide to continue playing by increasing the bet ("Rise"), or exit the game ("Fold"), having lost the bet.

If the player chooses the option with an increase in the rate and further play, then the dealer enters the game. He (the dealer) needs to have at least a lady in his hands, and if this lady is not there, then the player wins.

In the event that the dealer has a lady, i.e. he has qualified, but there is no play, then the player receives his second placed bet and wins two antes. In this case, the player does not need to open up, he wins regardless of the combination of his cards.
When the dealer has a game, i.e. poker hands and the player does not, the player loses both bets.

Pair plus

The next type of bet is called Pair plus. This bet is made with an ante bet that he will have a pair or better. If the player does not collect one of these combinations, he loses the Pair plus bet.

Winning is paid in the following proportions:

  • Three of a kind pays 30 to 1
  • The combination of Straight pays 6: 1
  • Playing combination Flash is paid 4 to 1
  • Card CombinationPaid Pays 1: 1

For Pair plus, the house edge is 2.32%, and for Ante and Play, the advantage is 3.37%.