Video poker

Video poker
Video poker first appeared in America over a century ago and still attracts gamblers. The authors of video poker are Americans Sittman and Pete, who in the eighties of the IXX century presented the first poker machine to the public in a poor area of ​​New York. It had five reels on which cards were printed. In order to set the reels in motion, it was necessary to pull the lever and after the reels stopped, a combination appeared, in which the player either received a win or a loss.

Video poker is a cross between slot machines and card poker. To play video poker successfully, you need to know the rules of poker itself and the rules of video poker, as well as learn the basic video poker strategies.

A lot of adherents of classic poker have moved from the tables to computers for playing video poker. video poker has incorporated the fun of poker and the simplicity of slot machines.

The advent of personal computers and online casinos has increased the popularity of video poker at times. The well-known company Microgaming began to produce the network version of video poker already in 1994 and over the years a huge number of online casinos offering several video poker options. Thus, now anyone who wants to have a computer and Internet access can play video poker and, having settled down more comfortably at home, play their favorite video poker.

In the game, video poker is perhaps the largest jackpot wins, reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars. Applying the strategy of playing video poker, one must understand that it differs from the strategy of ordinary poker, for example, bluffing is useless here. Next, we will consider the most successful strategies for playing video poker, which can and even need to be optimized for the style of your game, by improving and changing something, you will make exactly the strategy that will bring winnings.